6 Reasons I’d be the worst ya heroine

reasons why i would be

If I got a superpower, most of the time I’d use it for my own selfish reasons. I’ll help the others and stuff, but I’m saying it’d be pretty awesome to fly and visit other countries.
If I was a princess
, I’d spend most of the day changing pretty gowns and flirting like I wouldn’t care. Not to mention that I’d keep my hair extremely long so I could flip it, self-consciously
The 23 Greatest Hair Flips Of All Time, Ranked
If I had golden hair
, I’d want them to change into white blond or pastel blue whenever I’d use my power.
If I was the chosen one,
I’d make sure everyone would know.
If I had a weapon
, that would probably be the bow. Or Thor’s hummer.
If I was in love
, I’d mostly think of him and not mission, which basically is the main reason why I’d suck as a heroine.

If you were a YA heroine, how would you be?

10 thoughts on “6 Reasons I’d be the worst ya heroine

  1. Ohhh, the existence of this has immediately brightened up my terrible Saturday morning. Love you answers!
    Also, if I were a YA heroine…I think I’d drive everyone up the walls and drag just about every willing (and unwilling) party through some immense prank war or something, haha 😂😂


    1. That would be awesome hahah :’)
      I’d love to read more of yours reasons, if you decide to write a post. It’s so fun believe!


  2. oh my god, this is actually one of the best posts I’ve ever seen *-* (also, please, forgive my english, it’s not my first language)
    I’d probably do all of these stuff too and suck as a heroine hahah 😀 we could probably use our superpowers to fly to other countries together (saving people, of course) and make a huge “we-are-the-chosen-ones-bitches” party
    XO, Júlia


    1. It’s such a fun list I think. You should definitely do it and dont forget to let me know
      hahah I definitely know what you mean, showing others our abilities is a big priority 😉


  3. omg this is PERFECTION. XD This would 100% be me too. I would absolutely be bopping around whispering “I am the chosen one!” and everyone would probably hate me and hope I got eaten by something dark/evil, but hey WHEN YOU’RE FAMOUS YOU GOTTA LET THE MERE MORTALS KNOW. Also hair flipping = big priority. I like how you think. :’)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  4. I love this post! I don’t think I would be a very good YA heroine, either. Mainly because I have no physical abilities, and thus would perish at the very first sign of a fight or whatever. I would also die protecting animals rather than the royals. And I would totally just sit around reading books, and ask someone else to save the world because I need to read just one more chapter *laughs*


  5. Omg! If only I was the chosen one I’d be like I’m just quietly minding my own business here, drinking coffee, surfing the net…you guys continue on doing your own thing, I will be working on mine 😂

    The Princess though 🙈 same!

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