The feeling of overhyped prereleases

I plan to write this post for ages and when I mean ages, it’s almost two months since this post was in the draft section and more than five when I first had this idea. Why I decided to finish it is because I want to express my frustration when it comes to overhyped prereleased books and see what everyone else thinks.
My reasons:
I usually learn about prereleased book is from booktube comminity or twitter; lot of people talk about how amazing this book is and they can’t wait to read it when it gets published and stuff, but honestly how do they know that they’re going to like it, just because they read the symmary? It doesn’t make sense to me.
Personally, there is so much pressure put on me that I have to like the book and eventually when I don’t like it so much as everybody else, I wonder what’s wrong with me instead of what’s wrong with the book. I feel that it’s an emotional blackmail and then you feel like you’re an outsider, someone that people will hate if you say that you are one of those who didn’t like it. Also, I think that prereleases take away all the fun of reading the book. From my latest experience, there was so much hyped about Red Queen and I was so eager to read it and when I finally did, I felt like I was spoiled when I wasn’t. I don’t know how if you understand what I mean, but somehow when the book is so hyped before it’s released, it’s usually a let down. The reason I’m saying this is not because I’m so critical but I think my biggest issue is that I expect the book to be perfect. I more likely going to find faults because I instictively desprove the fact that this book is amazing. It’s not that I want the book to be bad, I just don’t believe when people say “it’s a masterpiece”
I really don’t know what to say except that I lately try not to get involved in the bookish community as much as I did before. I have discovered that the buzz takes away the fun of reading..